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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Reading failure and remediationQuah, May Ling
1978Education in China todayChen, Ai-Yen
1979The role and use of textbooks as a vehicle for teaching English as a second language in Singapore schoolsFry, ChristopherMercer, Marianne
1979"Imejeri dalam puisi-puisi Chairil Anwar"Mohammad Taha Jamil
1979Science in EnglishElliot, A. B.
1979Reaching out to children in needChelliah, M. J.
1979Masalah-masalah pengajaran bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa keduaMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad, 1924-
1979Language teaching and children’s literature: Loughborough '79Saravanan, Vanithamani
1979Day care: A discussion of language and related issuesLucas, JudithMercer, Marianne
1979Menghidupkan minat membacaMuhammad Ariff bin Ahmad, 1924-
1979Five- year-olds crack the codeMercer, Marianne
1979Is there a best age to learn a foreign language?Sloane, Richard
1979The sea around us: Experiences in creative drama  a series of five lesson plans on a common themeScharenguivel, Clive
1979Language learning through songs and poetryLiu, Marcia P.
1979Kanak-kanak dengan disiplinMohammad Taha Jamil
1979Similarity and difference in first language acquisition and second language learning: What implications for teaching?Slater, Deborah B.G.
1980The place of conservation training in early cognitive developmentSeng, Alice Seok-Hoon
1980Cara mengajar mengkaji sastera (cerpen)Mohd Taha Jamil
1980The concept of conductivity and molar conductivity of an aqueous solutionGoh, Ngoh KhangChia, Lian Sai
1980Some findings on the use of motivation strategies in Singapore cIassroomsChang, Agnes Shook Cheong