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Soucie, D., Zhang, Y., & Leong, W. F. (2000). Behavioural dimensions of charismatic leadership relevant to effective school management in Singapore. In J. Ee, Berinderjeet Kaur, N. H. Lee and B. H. Yeap (Eds.), New ‘Literacies’: Educational response to a knowledge-based society: Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference 2000 (pp. 501-510). Singapore: Educational Research Association.
The purpose of this study was to identify behavioural dimensions of charismatic leadership that principals perceive to be relevant for effective school management. A random stratified sample (n=97) of principals was selected to participate in the study. The sample included 68 principals from primary and 28 from secondary schools, 44 males and 52 females. The average age was 49, and the average experience as school principal was 7 years. Conger & Kanungo’s (1994) C-K scale was used to measure principals’ perceptions of six dimensions of charismatic leadership. Results show the following: Principals perceive four aspects of charismatic leadership to be more relevant to effective school management: being sensitive to environmental opportunities and constraints, being sensitive to teachers’ needs, being capable of formulating and articulating a vision for the school, and wanting to change the status quo. Although not statistically significant, secondary level principals appear to attribute more importance to several dimensions of charismatic leadership. The leader’s ability to formulate and articulate an inspirational vision for the school is rated significantly higher by female principals (p < .05, t = 2.02; df = 92). Analysis of variance and t-tests indicated that factors like experience as a school principal, tenure at a particular school, age, and academic qualifications do not account for different perceptions of charismatic leadership.
This paper was published in the Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference held at Singapore from 4-6 September 2000
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