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Ng, S. F. (1999). Aspects of non-cognitive factors in problem solving. In M. Waas (Ed.), Enhancing learning: Challenge of integrating thinking and information technology into the curriculum: Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of the Educational Research Association ( pp. 498-506). Singapore: Educational Research Association.
ln 1997, the IT Masterplan for Education was launched, specifying various goals and directions for which schools and teacher should be heading in the use of IT in education. In tandem with the Masterplan, the National Institute of Education also revised its curricula for the initial teacher training programmes to equip new teachers with skills, knowledge and pedagogy on the use of IT in the teaching and learning process. ln anticipation of the thrust of the IT Masterplan, the Instructional Technology module. a
compulsory module for all student teachers, was re-designed to take into consideration the aims of the IT Masterplan. The course was designed based on a theoretical framework of a set of IT competencies for
teachers, and with a constructivist view of teaching. The emphasis of the new training program is to prepare teachers to teach in a different learning environment utilising various forms of technological tools to help promote deeper learning and thinking. It prepares teachers to integrate IT into the school curriculum by taking them from the theoretical perspectives of learning to an integrative mode. It shifts its focus from the teaching on the use of productivity tools, such as word processing, to one which
emphasises the use of IT as pedagogical tools for classroom teaching and learning. The paper will discuss some of the issues facing the re-design of the new curriculum to prepare teachers in a technological
This paper was published in the 1999 Proceedings of the ERA Annual Conference held at Plaza Parkroyal Hotel, Singapore from 23-25 November 1998
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