Learning science using a deep approach: Case studies of two students

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Chin, Christine
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What kinds of strategies are associated with a deep approach to learning science? How do these strategies interact to facilitate learning? This paper attempts to answer these questions by identifying some of these learning strategies and discussing how they might interact. Two groups of Grade 8 students were taped as they participated in hands-on science activities during a nine-week chemistry unit. To find out more about their understanding of the related science concepts, the students were also interviewed both before and after instruction of this unit. The focus in this paper is on case studies of two students who showed a deep approach to learning. Analysis of transcripts produced several categories which were used to classify the different strategies used by the students. Examples illustrating the use of these strategies are provided.
This paper was published in the 1999 Proceedings of the ERA Annual Conference held at Plaza Parkroyal Hotel, Singapore from 23-25 November 1998
Chin, C. (1999). Learning science using a deep approach: Case studies of two students. In M. Waas (Ed.), Enhancing learning: Challenge of integrating thinking and information technology into the curriculum: Proceedings of the 12th Annual Conference of the Educational Research Association ( pp. 841-848). Singapore: Educational Research Association.