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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Quantum dots as fluorescent stains in confocal scanning laser microscopy studies of Vigna radiata seedlingsLau, Hoay Min
2006Diagnosing colorectal tumor using fluorescence techniquesAng, Wuan Suan
2006Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteriaTalbot, Christopher David
2006Biomedical potential of marine organisms from SingaporeYogeswari Selvaraja
2006Preparation and property investigation of vanadium oxide thin filmsLim, Siew Ping
2007Cytotoxicity of potential anti-tumour transition metal complexesHo, Junming
2007Effects of differential fertiliser treatments on the growth of Bermuda Tifdwarf through soil monitoringNg, Betsy Ling Ling 
2007Analyses of plant hormonesPeh, Yunn Chyn
2007A study of larval settlement of the coral, Pocillopora damicornis in SingaporeLee, Co Sin
2007Bioactive natural products from blue-green algaeChang, Yingyan
2007Effects of ultrasound attenuation on porcine fats tissuesChong, Peng Hong
2007Trace metals and their complexes in traditional Chinese herbal medicinePeh, Yoke Keow
2008A survey of the level of major enzymes involved in biochemical resistance of Aedes mosquitoes in SingaporeChoong, Calvin Tsern Hoong
2008Creating transgenic plants carrying extra IPT genesLoh, Chay Boon
2008Bioactive natural products from microalgaeTay, Choon Yen
2008The influence of temperature on the rate of metabolic activity and time of emergence in Chelonia mydas (Green turtle) hatchlingsFernando, U. Hearty Reynold
2008Study of antioxidant capacity of flavonoids from ginger plantsShrila Balachandran
2008Synthesis and characterizations of (N-hydroxy succinimide methacrylate)-based polymeric materialsPock, Eriee
2008Genetic diversity of rhizobia nodulating the mimosoid legumesPang, Kia Keng
2008Electrochemical sensing based on sol-gel electrodesYeo, Woei Ter