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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accumulation and leaching of Cu, Zn and/or Cd and their effects on growth and photosynthesis in Epipremnum aureumAmeerah Sharainee Zain Sha Aril Zain
2017Adaptation of Lee Code for characterization of NX-3 Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) and theoretical optimization of reaction parametersHe, Jiaen
2010Adaptations of mouthpart-setation and minor cheliped size in two species of Australian fiddler crabs (Uca perplexa and U. vomeris) in relation to their habitatsKalpana, Subramaniam
2007Analyses of plant hormonesPeh, Yunn Chyn
2014Anticancer properties of filamentous marine cyanobacteria in SingaporeChew, Geraldine Jia Zhen
2007Bioactive natural products from blue-green algaeChang, Yingyan
2008Bioactive natural products from microalgaeTay, Choon Yen
2018Biological and metabolomic approaches to drug discovery from microbes associated with deep water marine samples from SingaporeOng, Marshall Ji Fa
2006Biomedical potential of marine cyanobacteriaTalbot, Christopher David
2015Biomedical potential of marine invertebrate associated bacteriaFatima Rownak Selim
2006Biomedical potential of marine organisms from SingaporeYogeswari Selvaraja
2016Bird-building collisions in Singapore and building characteristics affecting the likelihood of collisionTeo, Kah Ming
2009Carbon and nitrogen metabolism and mineral nutrition of carnivorous pitcher plants under greenhouse conditionsZulaiha Shireen Mohd Salleh
2013Characterisation of nephrite jades by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and chemometric analysisNg, Alicia Li Ling
2010Characterization of black and green nephrite jades using physical, and infrared and raman spectroscopic techniquesLim, Li Chen
2009Characterization of QD in-vivo in a rat modelLoh, Gaik Juen
2010Chemical analysis and biological activity of marine cyanobacterial extractsTan, Patrick Hong Meng
2009Chemical constituents of the marine cyanobacterium, Lyngbya majusculaNg, Joyce Poh Chuan
2010Chemiluminescence measurement on a micromixer chipPong, Yoke Fong
2017Cobalt catalyzed arylation of aliphatic amides with aryl halides in waterTan, Edwin Yi Heng