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Title: Learning physics: The “Play-N-Learn” approach
Authors: Munirah Shaik Kadir
Yau, Che Ming
Issue Date: Nov-2006
Citation: Paper presented at the International Science Education Conference, Singapore, 22-24 November 2006
Abstract: The science curriculum in Singapore promotes innovation in teaching and learning to encourage children to develop curiosity and the spirit of inquiry. It hopes to build the development of thinking and reflection into the everyday classroom processes and sets to understand the complexities and relate learning to application and alternatives. The end goal is pupils who enjoy and value science. In the area of physics, pupils find it difficult to enjoy and appreciate the subject because they are intimidated by the terminologies, calculations and concepts that require higher- order thinking. Teachers are always looking for new ways to make physics more appealing to the pupils. Past research has shown that when pupils play with concrete models and toys, it arouses curiosity and interest because it is a fun learning experience. Curricula in early childhood education programs throughout the world are built around play because young children respond very well to it and play has shown to contribute to the many aspects of a child’s psychological development. If the level of difficulty of the play activities is raised for older pupils, will play still be a stimulant for their learning and will the learning be effective? Will the pupils respond well to play or find the play experience too childish? These are some of the questions and concerns that have been addressed in the study. This paper reveals how the “play-n-learn” approach was implemented on a group of secondary three pure physics pupils and their response to the experience.
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