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Title: Reflections on HCF and LCM: a variety of mathematical connections
Authors: Khoo, Phon Sai
Issue Date: 1992
Citation: Teaching and Learning, 13(1), 41-50
Abstract: This article attempts to provide an integration of commonly perceived ideas of the concepts of HCF (highest common factor) and LCM (least common multiple) with other ideas which have not been widely circulated. For example, many previous articles have tended to focus on procedural aspects of GCF and LCM (Adams 1982, Adkins 1981, Henry 1978, Lamb and Hutcherson 1984, McLellan 1985, Moeckel1986, Roy 1978, Stern 1984 and 1985) and have not sufficiently emphasized two intuitive basic notions repeated subtraction and repeated addition. Furthermore, it has rarely been noticed that there are two possible interpretations of the GCFof a pair of numbers and the recognition of these interpretations will enlarge the conceptual understanding of the concept. The article is not concerned with providing 'how to teach' guidelines for the teaching of HCF and LCM but aims to show the variety of mathematical connections which can and should be recognised by a teacher. Wherever appropriate, comments will be made to indicate how and when the relationships can be developed, and how a teacher might help students make connections between their current understanding of the concepts and extensions of that understanding.
ISSN: 0129-7112
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