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Moo, S. N., Wong, A. F. L., Crawford, L., Hu, C., Sharpe, L., & Gopinathan, S. (2000). School coordinating mentors in NIE’s partnership model: Networking using multipoint desktop video conferencing. In J. Ee, Berinderjeet Kaur, N. H. Lee and B. H. Yeap (Eds.), New ‘Literacies’: Educational response to a knowledge-based society: Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference 2000 (pp. 246-253). Singapore: Educational Research Association.
The National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore, introduced the Partnership Model for the conduct of its practicum in 1999. The rationale was to improve its effectiveness by optimising the complimentary strengths of NIE and the schools. The key school personnel in this model is the School Coordinating Mentor (SCM). This is a new role for teachers, and although guidelines and preparations have been provided by NIE the tasks and responsibilities of the SCM will still need to be worked out in each school according to the conditions that exist. The Multipoint Desktop Video-Conferencing (MDVC) project is an MOE-funded project of the National Institute of Education. Launched in 1999 its aim is to help bring about closer collaboration in the practicum between NIE and the schools via MDVC. This will facilitate networking among school coordinating mentors, trainee teachers, and NIE supervisors. This study focuses on the school coordinating mentors. It investigates the SCMs' perceptions of their performance of this new role, and whether its effectiveness has been enhanced through professional collaboration and networking. Two groups of SCMs are studied. The experimental group's members meet on-line using the MDVC, while the control group comprises SCMs who meet face-to-face. This paper will also discuss if and how MDVC can help facilitate the networking and teachers' professional development.
This paper was published in the Proceedings of the ERA-AME-AMIC Joint Conference held at Singapore from 4-6 September 2000
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