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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Casting visual spells : a study of fairy tale images and their influences on children's artworks in SingaporeChew, Joanna Cher
1999Design elements and principles in the art curriculum : methodological considerationsOw, Yeong Kah Mun
2005Fostering deep learning : stimulating and supporting artistic learning in Singapore primary schoolsCheong, Pauline Siew Lin
2003How secondary school teachers can help students respond to the concept of artLok, Shuen-Li
2003An investigation of secondary students' views on art and art lessons in Singapore 2002Ang, Angelia Ying Chuang
1998The pioneer artists and the Nanyang style : looking at the influence of Liu Kang on the art and art education in SingaporeSawlani Gopal Kalyan
2005Quality classroom talk : the neglected essential in art lessons in primary schoolsSim, Huay Yin
2004Realising an authentic developmental art curriculum in SingaporeChoo, Nicola Sze Mying
2003Realising the Renaissance city : the role of art education in Singapore in the development of thinkingYeo, Kar Yen
2002Science in art : an inquiry into the application of science process skills to the teaching and learning of art in a primary schoolMohamed Hanifa Nazrin
2003The secondary art teacher's perception of contemporary sculpture in Singapore and its implications for present art educationTan, Chiew Sern
2001Students' perceptions of art and art lessons in Singapore : a study of one secondary schoolChua, Xin Yuan
1999Teachers' perceptions of art education : a study in one Singapore primary schoolTeo, Shih Chin
2003Young children's art : development and individualityKrishnan, Pushpalatha