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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Back to the roots : family literacy practices of two eight-year-old English-Punjabi bilingualsParwinder Singh Grewal
2005Beach performance after nourishment : a case study of East Coast Park, SingaporeTan, Bruce Kim Huat
2004Between the cracks : explorations of madness in three Chinese-American women's novelsTang, Geraldine Hui Chan
2003Bi yu xing guan yong yu yan jiu = Study of metaphorical idiomatic colloquialisms in ChineseLow, Kin Eng (卢锦英)
2002Border crossings : Bharati Mukherjee and the role of history in the Indian woman's quest for identity in the diasporaDalina Abdullah
1998Caging the prepared piano : aesthetics and performance aspects of the prepared piano works of John CageLum, Chee Hoo
2001Campaign posters in Singapore : a study of artistic styles and influence from 1965 to 2000Tay, Ting Ting
2002A case study investigating two children's interpretation of linguistic signs through drawingKoh, Alvin Ming Chuen
2005A case study of the classroom discourse patterns in the reading and writing lessons of two primary 2 teachersWong, Melisa Shenshan
2004A case study of three primary school teachers' beliefs and classroom feedback practices regarding Singapore colloquial EnglishTan, Serena Kiat Kun
2003Casting visual spells : a study of fairy tale images and their influences on children's artworks in SingaporeChew, Joanna Cher
2005The Central Business District of Singapore : its creation, growth and futureOng, Shu Ying
2002Changing fringe of reclaimed land in Singapore : a case study of East Coast ParkKyaw, Saw Lynn
1999The changing location and production organisation of the textile and garment industry of Singapore : a geographical perspectiveYeo, Clarence Bin Chong
1998Chinese agrarian reform : an interaction between party and peasant (1945-1952)Ho, Hui Yee
2000The Chinese-American woman autobiographer : contesting the aesthetics and politics of dominant discourseOw, Sharon Siew Hui
2000Cinderella : Esther's adopted identity in bleak houseChai, Tze How
2003Coastline changes and impacts : a case study of East Coast ParkChan, Rosalie Hsueh Li
1997Codeswitching among preschool English-Malay bilingualsDe Silva, Lorraine Anne
2000Cognitive processes of ten and eleven year olds in arranging melodiesLai, Annie