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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Re-scripting the Muslim female self : contemporary Islamic women's fiction and autobiographySuzana Abu Samah
2004Re-shaping the self : an exploration of self and identity in children with a low concept of self through dramatic playingWee, Melissa Shih Yin
2004Realising an authentic developmental art curriculum in SingaporeChoo, Nicola Sze Mying
2003Realising the Renaissance city : the role of art education in Singapore in the development of thinkingYeo, Kar Yen
2005Reassessing the overseas Chinese legend of Dalforce at the fall of SingaporeChew, Daniel Ju Ern
2004Redefining self-identity of the 'hybrid' female in contemporary English fictionHoe, Shu Chen
2001Redefinitions of the idea of God in postmodernism : Berryman and PinskyChan, Cindy Mavis Siew Fun
2003Reduced vowels in polysyllabic words in Singapore EnglishHeng, Mui Gek
2000The relationship of music and text : issues within contemporary musicLeong, Wei Shin
2003Remaking a nation : a critical analysis of the Singapore National Day Rally speech 2002Ng, Carl Jon Way
2004Resisting homogeneity through art in contemporary SingaporeNazrul Rashidi bin Mohd
2004Rethinking assessment in the visual arts : a study of lower secondary art assessment practices in SingaporeGoh, Tricia Su Ing
2004Rhythm : a comparative study of indexesOng, Fiona Po Keng
2002Romanticisation of love and war : a comparative study of the portrayal of love and war in the written text and the visual textToh, Hui Choo
2001Satire and the clerical portrait in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Amelia : some considerationsKoh, Jennifer Sze Inn
2002Science in art : an inquiry into the application of science process skills to the teaching and learning of art in a primary schoolMohamed Hanifa Nazrin
2004A scientific approach to acting : an investigation of the theory and practice of scientific principles as an approach to actingTay, Samuel Soon Hock
2003The search for the primitive by theatrical means : an investigation into the potential of de-acculturation work for holistic self-discoveryTan, Melissa Li Cheng
2003The secondary art teacher's perception of contemporary sculpture in Singapore and its implications for present art educationTan, Chiew Sern
2002"See more glass" : reading the counterculture through J.D. SalingerFoo, Mau Reen