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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Satire and the clerical portrait in Henry Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Amelia : some considerationsKoh, Jennifer Sze Inn
2002Science in art : an inquiry into the application of science process skills to the teaching and learning of art in a primary schoolMohamed Hanifa Nazrin
2004A scientific approach to acting : an investigation of the theory and practice of scientific principles as an approach to actingTay, Samuel Soon Hock
2003The search for the primitive by theatrical means : an investigation into the potential of de-acculturation work for holistic self-discoveryTan, Melissa Li Cheng
2003The secondary art teacher's perception of contemporary sculpture in Singapore and its implications for present art educationTan, Chiew Sern
2002"See more glass" : reading the counterculture through J.D. SalingerFoo, Mau Reen
2005Seeing Messiaen's Visions l'amen through the composer's eyesNg, Samuel Xi Wei
2005Shen Congwen Xiangxi san wen dui ren xing de tan suo = The exploration of human nature as seen in Shen Congwen's prose writingsQuek, Shu Mien (郭素名)
1997Shi jing de niao lei yi xiang = Bird images of the Book of songsFoo, Wei Cheng (符慧菁)
2000Shi yu chan : Wang Wei, Huang Tingjian bi jiao yan jiu = Poetry and zen : a comparative study of Wang Wei and Huang TingjianKhoo, Kiak Ern (邱克恩)
2001Sima Qian "Tian" guan nian yan jiu = A study of Sima Qian's concept of heavenTai, Siew Ngee (戴秀仪)
2005Sima Qian si xiang mao dun zhi tan suo = An inquiry into the contradictions of Sima Qian's thoughtsPeh, Chieh Yin (白洁尹)
1997Singapore as a regional convention hub : deepening of a tourism productLum, Kit Kuan
2004Singapore contemporary Malay theatre and the 'New Malay' : an analysis of Teater Ekamatra's Projek Suitcase 2003Faralina Mohd Ali
2005Singapore theatre after the 1987 Marxist conspiracy : is it still a threat to the social, cultural and political climate today?Dio, Denise
2005Singapore's 1964 race riots : Malay sources and perspectivesJunaidah Jaffar
2000Singapore's outbound travel : the role of travel agenciesTan, Kuah Li
1998Some recent approaches to sound, allusion, structureCheong, Sharon Hwee Ling
1997Space, place and epidemiology : exploring and detecting spatial patterns of dengue fever through the exploratory geographical analysis systemSam, Charmaine Ming Shann
1999The spaces of madness : a study of asylums and performanceOniatta Mohd. Effendi