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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Understanding of metaphor among 8 to 13 year-old childrenTan, Swee Suan
2001The use of GIS and spatial analytical techniques to delineate the catchment areas of schoolsTan, Gary Wae Minn
2002Visions of the future : Atwood, Bradbury, Burgess, Huxley, OrwellYap, Chern Kai
2001Visual sounds : an interpretation of Cesar Franck's Sonata for piano and violin, exploring the use of lighting, props and colourGoh, Seach Joo
2004Vocalisation of dark-L in educated Singaporean EnglishTan, Kah Keong
2001The war crimes trials of the Japanese officers involved in the Sook Ching MassacreTan, Terence Sian Yeow
2005War, an absurdity of life : are we still a lost generation?Chia, Theophania Shujuan
2004What constitutes "good" student-written stories? : a study of primary teachers' and students' perceptionsAng, Elsa
2003What's the story with gender and writing? : a case study of pupils' attitudes towards, and experiences with writing in a secondary classroomAng, Cynthia Sing Leng
2004Where the syllabus ends and the teacher begins : a study of teaching the art curriculum in Singapore secondary schoolsHeng, Edmund Aik Ming
1999Why was a "total war" model not applied by the British in the defence of Malaya?Sung, Kelvin Sheng Yi
1999Women poets in Singapore : feminism to what extent? : reviewing Lee Tzu Pheng's Lambada by Galilee & other surprises and Leong Liew Geok's Love is not enoughYew, Jacqueline May Fong
1998Wood ash as a flux in high temperature glazesYeo, Mon Yun
2004Writing against the grain : a comparative study of gender stereotyping among three primary schools in SingaporeChiang, Priscilla Shiau Chuen
2001Xian dai Han zi xue yan jiu : xiao xue chang yong Han zi de bu shou biao yi du fen xi ji xiang guan jiao xue yan jiu = An analysis of the radicals of commonly used Chinese characters in primary school and related issues on teaching strategiesSeah, Hou Kiat (谢孝杰)
2003Xin yao yu Xinjiapo ren de shen fen ren tong = Xinyao (Singapore ballads) and the construction of Singaporean identitiesTan, Wei Ping (陈伟萍)
1999Xinjiapo Fujian she qun yu yan yi wei diao cha yan jiu = A sociolinguistic survey on Language shift in the Hokkien Chinese community of SingaporeLim, Seok Lai (林惜莱)
2001Xinjiapo Hua wen bao zhi xin wen biao ti yan jiu : yu yan jie gou yu zhi zuo ce lue = A study of Chinese newspaper headlines in Singapore : linguistic structure and editorial strategiesNg, Bee Lian (黄美莲)
1999Xinjiapo hua wen er tong shi ge yan jiu (1980-1998) = A study on Chinese children's poetry of Singapore (1980 to 1998)Lye, Choon Hwan (赖俊芳)
1998Xinjiapo hua wen ke shi xi jiao shi yu yan shi yong diao cha yan jiu = A sociolinguistic survey of language use on Chinese language trainee teachers in SingaporeTan, Poh Ching (陈宝真)