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"Blips of meaning": The transformation of reader and history text
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Singapore Journal of Education, 10(1), 35-42
The study focused on the interpretations of eight "good" or effective Secondary One teachers. It suggests that the teachers interpreted the "text" (consisting of 12 elements) on the basis of their practical knowledge. The teachers tended to describe the literal meaning of the content. This, however, is a rather restricted form of interpretation which ignores the role of both the reader and the plurality of meanings in the message( s) of
the text. To be receptive to the text, the teachers need to reflect on their often taken-for-granted knowledge and practices. The repertory grid was used to elicit such tacit knowledge. Like a mirror, the grid reflected to the teacher his or her own frame of reference for his or her consideration. This is a vital first step in the transformation of both the teacher and his or her interpretation of the text.
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