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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Modeling and control of HIV infectionDu, Su Guo
1998Complexation of organotin chlorides with selected N,N' and N,O- donor ligandsOuyang, Jiexiang
1998Physical activity and fitness, lifestyle and coronary risk factors among Singaporean secondary school childrenSun, Xiaoqian
1998Effects of different artificial topsoils on some ornamental plantsTan, Lay Pheng
1998High density, inductively coupled RF plasma source and its application in nitriding of stainless steelLuo, Weiyi
1998Hierarchical linear models with an application to educational scoresFang, Lei
1999Crystalline carbon-nitride films prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputteringLi, Han Shi
1999Molecular mechanism of sludge granulationXu, Daniel Hai-Lou
1999Exercise and adherence of supervised and non-supervised participants in a wellness programChong, Eddy Hwee Keng
1999Epstein-Barr viral latent and early antigen serology in nasopharyngeal carcinomaTan, Timothy Ter Ming
1999Rhenium carbonyl complexes with monodentate-coordinated diphosphinesFan, Wei
1999Studies of some poly (phenylene vinylene) derivatives and their composites : synthesis and characterizationWang, Yu-Ming
1999A study of heavy metal distribution in SingaporeChen, Fan
1999Plant diversity studies and selection for transgenic production of biopolymersLoh, Jin Phang
1999Production of antibodies for the screening of transgenic plants individually expressing phbA, phbB and phbCLoo, Hui Phing
2000Isolation and genetic engineering of stilbene synthase gene encoding for natural resveratrol production in red-leaf vegetableNg, Irene
2000Study on the thermal degradation of palm olein and the effects of trace metalsFeng, Shulan
2000Photosynthetic characteristics and carbon partitioning in the virus-eradicated and virus-infected Oncidium Gower Ramsey under different growth irradiancesOuyang, Wen
2000Synthesis and characterisation of rhenium carbonyl complexes with dicarboxylate ligandsZhang, Rui
2000Using scientific methods in data mining applicationZhang, Ruying