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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Development and study of electrochemical procedures and of modified electrodes for the determination of trace metallic species in solutionChen, Bing
1995Development of a rapid and accurate immunological diagnostic method for alpha-thalassaemia screeningLai, Choon Ming
1995Genetic studies of tropical ornamental fish using RAPD-PCR technologyChin, Christopher Tet Lipp
1996Studies of some novel piperazine derived amphiphiles and polymeric materialsRoshan Deen Gulam Rasool
1996Interaction of laser light with biological specimensNg, Stanley Mong Seng
1996Effects of different rates of N and FE fertilisation on the growth of Tifdwarf Bermudagrass (Cynodon Dactylon x C.Transvaalensis L.Burtt-Davey) and Zoysiagrass (Zoysia Japonica Steud) grown on sand media of different particle sizesTan, Ching Wei
1996Detection of variant of Hepatitis B virus and beta-globin through DNA technologyChia, Chee Poh
1996Body composition and physiological characteristics of overweight and non-overweight Singaporean Chinese male adolescentsGobinathan Nair
1996Effects of laser radiation on surface tissuesPoh, Deh Tong
1996Induction of variations in certain tropical ornamental plants and selection of variants for large scale cultivationMajumdar, Kakali
1996Physical activity patterns of adolescents in a secondary school in SingaporeLim, Guat Hong
1997Detection of mutations and polymorphisms in the human beta-globin gene and hepatitis B virus pre-core region by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)Phang, Beng Hooi
1997Genetic studies of tropical ornamental fishLim, Chee Whye
1997Some organic and organotin reactions of 2-(2' dimethylaminoethylimino-methyl) phenolsHu, Hong Juan
1997Z-scan investigation of third-order optical nonlinearities in second-harmonic-generation crystalsLi, Heping
1997The effects of pond management on the benthic community and shorebirds at Sungei Buloh Nature Park, SingaporeWang, Luan Keng
1997Effects of ultrasound on heterogeneous solid-liquid systemsTeoh, Alex Chin Chye
1997Artificial intelligence techniques in science research & educationZhang, Shouwen
1997Cloning and expression of Epstein-Barr viral antigens for the diagnosis of nasopharygeal carcinomaHe, Yan Xin
1998Modeling and control of HIV infectionDu, Su Guo