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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A case study for generating a non-routine timetable for a Singapore secondary schoolWong, Sandy
1997Cloning and expression of Epstein-Barr viral antigens for the diagnosis of nasopharygeal carcinomaHe, Yan Xin
2012Comparison of cross-modal omni scale of perceived exertion at ventilatory breakpoint and self-regulated exercises in male adolescents in SingaporeThor, Dianna
2016Comparison of ingesting Drip Drop solution, sports drink and water during post-exercise recovery on rehydration and subsequent pre-load time trial performanceFan, Priscilla Weiping
1998Complexation of organotin chlorides with selected N,N' and N,O- donor ligandsOuyang, Jiexiang
2001Construction and characterization of novel electrochemical biosensorsMiao, Yuqing
1999Crystalline carbon-nitride films prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputteringLi, Han Shi
2019Cytokines and red blood cells responses following 3 bouts of non-consecutive or consecutive resistance exercise in young, recreationally active malesWang, Raymond Yongtai
2000Data mining applications using non-linear scientific methodsRamakrishnan Arun
2000Destruction of dinitroaromatic compounds in aqueous solution by UV-oxidation technologiesChen, Qianming
2009Detection of drug-induced apoptosis in human cancer cells using proton magnetic resonance (¹H-NMR) spectroscopyChoo, Kelvin Kuen Yew
1997Detection of mutations and polymorphisms in the human beta-globin gene and hepatitis B virus pre-core region by Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE)Phang, Beng Hooi
1996Detection of variant of Hepatitis B virus and beta-globin through DNA technologyChia, Chee Poh
2000Deterministic models of the spread of dengue in SingaporeLi, Zhe
2015Development and applications Of cellulose-based electrochemical (bio)sensorsNadia Chandra Sekar
1995Development and study of electrochemical procedures and of modified electrodes for the determination of trace metallic species in solutionChen, Bing
1995Development of a rapid and accurate immunological diagnostic method for alpha-thalassaemia screeningLai, Choon Ming
2006Development of capillary electrophoresis techniques for plant natural products analysesTan, Shirley
2018Development of measures of nutrition knowledge and attitudes in Singaporean athletes : exploring the relationships of nutrition knowledge and attitudes with dietary behaviourTeo, Cheryl Jia Hui
2003Distortion and designing of signals propagating in a coaxial cableLim, Chee Hok