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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Effect of acetazolamide on physiological changes in fifteen-year olds at high altitudeThompson, Sarah
2019Effects of abiotic elicitors on the production of bioactive flavonols in Emilia sonchifolia, Clinacanthus nutans and Arabidopsis thalianaMohan, Raji
2013Effects of accumulating short bouts of exercise on glucose tolerance and insulin actionYap, Margaret Mei Chan
1998Effects of different artificial topsoils on some ornamental plantsTan, Lay Pheng
1996Effects of different rates of N and FE fertilisation on the growth of Tifdwarf Bermudagrass (Cynodon Dactylon x C.Transvaalensis L.Burtt-Davey) and Zoysiagrass (Zoysia Japonica Steud) grown on sand media of different particle sizesTan, Ching Wei
2008Effects of exogenous application of trinexapac-ethyl and methyl jasmonate on anthocyanin biosynthesis in transgenic tobacco plantsTan, Chuan Lim
1996Effects of laser radiation on surface tissuesPoh, Deh Tong
2017Effects of massage on muscle viscoelastic propertiesChua, Kelvin Yaohui
1997The effects of pond management on the benthic community and shorebirds at Sungei Buloh Nature Park, SingaporeWang, Luan Keng
1997Effects of ultrasound on heterogeneous solid-liquid systemsTeoh, Alex Chin Chye
1999Epstein-Barr viral latent and early antigen serology in nasopharyngeal carcinomaTan, Timothy Ter Ming
2003Excitation-emission spectroscopy studies of human colorectal tissues for improving cancer diagnosis using tissue autofluorescenceZhao, Tianyun
1999Exercise and adherence of supervised and non-supervised participants in a wellness programChong, Eddy Hwee Keng
2020Genetic changes of lipid metabolism genes in wound-induced callus of arabidopsis thalianaLim, Debbie Xiu En
1997Genetic studies of tropical ornamental fishLim, Chee Whye
1995Genetic studies of tropical ornamental fish using RAPD-PCR technologyChin, Christopher Tet Lipp
2012Henstock's version of stochastic differential equationTan, Soon Boon
1998Hierarchical linear models with an application to educational scoresFang, Lei
1998High density, inductively coupled RF plasma source and its application in nitriding of stainless steelLuo, Weiyi
1996Induction of variations in certain tropical ornamental plants and selection of variants for large scale cultivationMajumdar, Kakali