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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004OMNI scale of perceived exertion : mixed gender and race validation for Singapore adolescent childrenLoh, Mun Keong
2019Optimal orientations of G vertex-multiplicationsWong, Willie Han Wah
2012Partial orders and their topological aspectsKhoo, Shun Chih
2007Pedometer assessment for pupils in Singapore : validity, reliability and physical activity during school physical education and recessWang, Ye
2000Photosynthetic characteristics and carbon partitioning in the virus-eradicated and virus-infected Oncidium Gower Ramsey under different growth irradiancesOuyang, Wen
1998Physical activity and fitness, lifestyle and coronary risk factors among Singaporean secondary school childrenSun, Xiaoqian
1996Physical activity patterns of adolescents in a secondary school in SingaporeLim, Guat Hong
1999Plant diversity studies and selection for transgenic production of biopolymersLoh, Jin Phang
2002Plasma properties suitable for pulsed laser depositionZheng, Bangke
2009Population ecology of the dog-faced water snake (Cerberus rynchops) at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, SingaporeChim, Chee Kong
2010A possible hybrid model of creativity and technology in design-and-make project in design & technology in Singapore secondary schoolsWong, Voon Ping Thomas Johnson
2002The process of identifying preschool children with developmental coordination disorder in SingaporeAnwari Khairuddin
1999Production of antibodies for the screening of transgenic plants individually expressing phbA, phbB and phbCLoo, Hui Phing
2020Profiling the ten-pin bowling movement and its variability in developmental bowlers entering ball transitionGoh, Wan Xiu
2013Quantification of carbon in Bukit Timah nature reserve, SingaporeNgo, Kang Min
2012Quantum tunnelingChong, Kheng Wye
2017Relationship of training load with the capability to perform repeated high-intensity running in professional soccer playersLee, Marcus Beng Chong
2017Relative Age Effect (RAE) and its determinants in school sports in Singapore : from a coach’s perspectiveLoo, Ei-Leen
2001Repetitive plasma focus operation in argon for SXR micromachiningSrivastava, Asutosh
1999Rhenium carbonyl complexes with monodentate-coordinated diphosphinesFan, Wei