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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Screening of dietary phytochemicals for anti-quorum sensing propertiesNur Aishah binte Abdul Rahim
2001Selected reactions of substituted coumarins : syntheses, structures and photophysical propertiesZhang, Yiqun
2010Simulation studies of plasma dynamics and radiation yield in plasma focus deviceTan, Li Ching
1997Some organic and organotin reactions of 2-(2' dimethylaminoethylimino-methyl) phenolsHu, Hong Juan
2001Sonochemical degradation for toxic halogenated organic compoundsXu, Yanrong
2010Spectrophotometric studies of the interaction between 4-vinyl pyridine (4VP) block copolymers with methanofullerene (PCBM)Afshan Parveen Hamid
2007A stochastically perturbed avascular tumour growth modelTan, Liang Soon
1996Studies of some novel piperazine derived amphiphiles and polymeric materialsRoshan Deen G.
1999Studies of some poly (phenylene vinylene) derivatives and their composites : synthesis and characterizationWang, Yu-Ming
2000Studies of some short conjugation length polymeric light-emitting diode materials and their blendsLiau, Chu Yaw
2014The study of chromaticity of complete tripartite graphsNg, Boon Leong
1999A study of heavy metal distribution in SingaporeChen, Fan
2001Study of natural hybridisation in some tropical plants using amplified fragment length polymorphism analysisTeo, Lai Lai
2000Study on the thermal degradation of palm olein and the effects of trace metalsFeng, Shulan
2004Synthesis and characterisation of chromium (II) and copper (II) carboxylato complexesTan, Keai Fong
2000Synthesis and characterisation of rhenium carbonyl complexes with dicarboxylate ligandsZhang, Rui
2004Synthesis and characterization of some inorganic derivatives of tin with potential anti-tumour activitiesYip, Evelyn Wai Ling
2001Taxonomic and phytogeographic studies on Aspleniaceae in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and JavaSiti Khadijah Rambe
2001Theory of framesHo, Weng Kin
2006Use of dataloggers for science learning in secondary schools and junior colleges in SingaporeSeah, Whye Choo