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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Accessible information in symmetric quantum channelsGopinathan, Ajay
2009Analyses of phytohormones in tropical plants using liquid chromatogaphyMa, Zhen
2012The application of strength-power potentiating complexes in athletic performanceLim, Julian Jit Hwee
2000Applications of backpropagation neural networks in chemistryHu, Fang
1997Artificial intelligence techniques in science research & educationZhang, Shouwen
1998Atmospheric dispersion of air pollutants carbon monoxide and particulate matter around road intersections in SingaporeYe, Jing
2019Behavioural and morphological adaptations for water uptake and circulation in three species of fiddler crabs in relation to distributionGoh, Charlene Ying Zheng
2009Berry's phase under Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionKwan, Mun Kit
1996Body composition and physiological characteristics of overweight and non-overweight Singaporean Chinese male adolescentsGobinathan Nair
2012A case study for generating a non-routine timetable for a Singapore secondary schoolWong, Sandy
1997Cloning and expression of Epstein-Barr viral antigens for the diagnosis of nasopharygeal carcinomaHe, Yan Xin
2012Comparison of cross-modal omni scale of perceived exertion at ventilatory breakpoint and self-regulated exercises in male adolescents in SingaporeThor, Dianna
2016Comparison of ingesting Drip Drop solution, sports drink and water during post-exercise recovery on rehydration and subsequent pre-load time trial performanceFan, Priscilla Weiping
1998Complexation of organotin chlorides with selected N,N' and N,O- donor ligandsOuyang, Jiexiang
2001Construction and characterization of novel electrochemical biosensorsMiao, Yuqing
1999Crystalline carbon-nitride films prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputteringLi, Han Shi
2019Cytokines and red blood cells responses following 3 bouts of non-consecutive or consecutive resistance exercise in young, recreationally active malesWang, Raymond Yongtai
2000Data mining applications using non-linear scientific methodsRamakrishnan Arun
2000Destruction of dinitroaromatic compounds in aqueous solution by UV-oxidation technologiesChen, Qianming
2009Detection of drug-induced apoptosis in human cancer cells using proton magnetic resonance (¹H-NMR) spectroscopyChoo, Kelvin Kuen Yew