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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Molecular analysis of animal tissues for species identificationChua, Judy Kim Lan
1996The travelling salesman problemAliza Main
1996A kinetic analysis of a series of drop jump : the effect of drop height and rest periodsTang, Yew Seng
1996Power and strength changes following a bout of concentric or eccentric leg press exerciseChew, Kia Seng
1996A study on the general levels of heavy metals in magazines and a comparative study of microwave and ultrasound acid digestionsYeo, Joyce Suat Peng
1996Riemann integrationSeng, Wendy Gek Cheng
1996Validation of the 1600-m run as a predictor of VO2MAX in Singapore children aged 10 to 12 yearsAw Yong, Wai Leng
1996A diode-pumped Nd : YLF laserLee, Chia Hui
1996Synthesis and preliminary spectroscopic studies into the tautomerism of 3-(arylamino) phthalidesShah Jahan Mohamed Iqbal
1996Cell volume regulation in the intertidal pulmonate, onchidium tumidiumHo, Soo Yin
1996Karyological investigation and comparison among tropical lizards (Squamata : Agamidae) and its taxonomic implicationsLow, Vivian May Hon
1996A parametric study of the plasma energy of the plasma focusTan, Chun Ming
1997Aerobic and anaerobic performance of midfield and non-midfield university soccer playersAzhar Mohamed Hussain
1997Categories in algebraSing, Siew Hoon
1997A content analysis of the Straits Times newspaper account of male and female athletes in the centennial summer Olympic GamesGoh, San
1997Synthesis and characterization of some cobalt(II) complexes with piperazine derivatives and synthesis of 1,4-diphenyl-1,4-diphosphorinaneLoh, Choong Seng
1997The vehicle routing problemTan, Lynda Ai Pin
1997Some reactions of 8-aminoquinolineThong, Kar Fong
1997Extreme value statistics and its applicationsLee, Kok Sonk
1997Studies of some novel piperazine-based surfactants: preparation and characterizationSeah, Hwee Lee