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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ab initio study of low dimensional carbon nanostructuresChua, Hui Li
2002Achievement motivation and affect among secondary school netball playersLim, Yen Peng
1997Aerobic and anaerobic performance of midfield and non-midfield university soccer playersAzhar Mohamed Hussain
2005Analysis of sorting algorithmsSim, Seok Woon
2005An analysis of strategic approaches employed by Singapore's non-profit national sports associations in seeking corporate sponsorshipQuek, Swee Nee
1997An assessment of the impact of globalisation on Singapore's sports cultureSong, Priscilla Yik Ting
1999A basic mathematical model of dengue fever in SingaporeTan, Liang Soon
2002A biomechanical analysis of the standing long jumpYap, Alex Yit Fui
1998Birth of the theory of univalent functionsLam, Hwee Peng
1997Blood lipids, lipoproteins, apoproteins and cardiovascular fitness in obese and non-obese Singaporean Chinese male adolescents 13 to 15 years of ageNg, Gillian Bee Kit
1997The bootstrapTan, Yew Hui
2005C-reactive protein and functional capacity of obese and normal male adolescents in SingaporeChng, Doreen Yen Peng
2000Carbon film deposition using high power pulsed Nd : YAG laserKang, Kim Hor
1997Categories in algebraSing, Siew Hoon
1996Cell volume regulation in the intertidal pulmonate, onchidium tumidiumHo, Soo Yin
2003Character development in physical education : an exploratory study of PE teachers in SingaporeFoo, Yong Howe
2001Characteristics of three secondary girls' schools with high fitness levelsChan, Alvin Chin San
2004Characterization of a multiple radiation sourceKoh, Jong Meng
2000Chernoff facesLee, Yong Sin
2004Children's omni scale of perceived exertion : validation with obese adolescent malesCai, Shujuan