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Title: The pattern of Tamil language use among primary school Tamil pupils in Singapore
Authors: Ramiah Kalimuthu (இராமையா காளிமுத்து)
Keywords: Language use
Second language
Primary education
Issue Date: 1991
Citation: Singapore Journal of Education, 11(2), 45-53
Abstract: The specific objective of this study is to identify the patterns of language use among primary school Tamil pupils in Singapore. This study examined the socio-cultural and socio-economic factors which contribute to this pattern of language use. It investigated the use of Tamil in eight domains and the patterns of maintenance and shift among the younger Tamil population in Singapore. The sample of this study was 1000 pupils randomly selected from 12 primary schools in Singapore, representing the cross section of the popuJation. The instrwnent used for this study was questionnaire. Analysis of data shows that three variables, age, socio-economic level and education affect the use of Tamil language. Most of them use Tamil when they converse with their grandparents and to a certain extent with their parents. But when they interact with their siblings and friends they use English. Analysis of data clearly indicates that Tamil is losing its grip among younger generation.
ISSN: 0129-4776
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