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Title: High temperature ferromagnetic ordering in c-axis oriented ZnO:Mn nanoparticle thin films by tailoring substrate temperature
Authors: Usman Ilyas
Lee, Paul Choon Keat
Tan, Augustine Tuck Lee
R. V. Ramanujan
Zhang, Sam
Chen, R.
Sun, H. D.
Rawat, Rajdeep Singh
Keywords: Spintronics
ZnO:Mn nanoparticle thin films
Structural defects
Substrate temperature
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Ilyas, U., Lee, P., Tan, T. L., Ramanujan, R. V., Zhang, S., Chen, R., ... & Rawat, R. S. (2014). High temperature ferromagnetic ordering in c-axis oriented ZnO: Mn nanoparticle thin films by tailoring substrate temperature. International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series, 32(2014), 1460341.
Abstract: This study reports the enhanced ferromagnetic ordering in ZnO:Mn nanoparticle thin films, grown at different substrate temperatures using pulsed laser deposition. The optimum growth conditions were deduced from X-ray, photoemission and magnetic measurements. The X-ray measurements reveal that there was an optimum substrate temperature where the thin films showed relatively stronger texture, better crystallinity and lower strain. Substrate temperature tuned the deep level recombination centers in ZnO:Mn, which changed the optical quality by altering the electronic structure. The M-H curves, in the present study, revealed superior ferromagnetic response of 20- nm sized particles in ZnO:Mn thin film grown at a substrate temperature of 450 °C. Ferromagnetic ordering becomes weaker at higher/lower substrate temperatures due to the activation of native defects in ZnO host matrix.
ISSN: 2010-1945 (online)
Other Identifiers: 10.1142/S201019451460341X
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