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Teaching and Learning, 11(1),43-52
One main concern of history teachers is the need to cover the syllabus - in time for the examinations. This "annual rush" is all the
more obvious at the upper secondary levels. Usually, the task is achieved because the teacher uses lecture or "teacher-talk method.
Continuous application of this method often creates the famous saying of pupils taking history - "History is boring". The teacher, on the other hand, does recognize the importance of resources stimulate students' thinking and, at the same time, to add "life" to his lessons. But the fear of not being able to complete the syllabus
because of the time spend in preparing and using the resources is too serious to ignore. This short article stresses the point that explanation of historical content by the teacher can be positively reinforced by the use of resources (in this case, through the use of pictures), despite the tight teaching schedule. It shows how pictures were used to generate thinking in history lessons on the topic "The
Portuguese in Malacca".
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