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Plasma focus device
Laser shadowgraphy
Plasma dynamic
Switches’ synchronization
Admixture gas
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Talebitaher, A., Kalaiselvi, S. M. P., Springham, S. V., Lee, P., Tan, T. L., & Rawat, R. S. (2015). Laser shadowgraphic study of the influence of krypton-seeding, switch synchronization and electrode geometry on plasma dynamic in plasma focus device. Journal of Fusion Energy, 34(4), 794-801.
Laser shadowgraphy has been used to investigate the plasma sheath dynamics in a miniature plasma focus device (FMPF-3, 14 kV/235 J). The occurrence of magneto-hydro-dynamics instabilities are compared for pure deuterium versus deuterium–krypton admixture operation, over the range of gas pressures 2–12 mbar. A cathode-less geometry was also tested to study the influence of cathode configuration on current sheath formation and compression. The average neutron yield, measured using 3He proportional counters, is compared for different geometries and gas pressures. The synchronization of the four pseudo-spark-gap switches was found to be a major factor influencing the plasma sheath dynamics and neutron yield. To make a fair comparison of operation with different gas pressures or admixture proportions, the level of switch synchronization must be in the same range. Laser shadowgraphs of early stage dynamics show that poorly synchronized discharges result in asymmetric plasma sheath formation, and asymmetries in the accelerated sheath typically persist till the end of the final compression.
This is the final draft, after peer-review, of a manuscript published in Journal of Fusion Energy. The published version is available online at
0164-0313 (print)
1572-9591 (online)
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