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Title: Some inequalities on chromatic polynomials
Authors: Dong, Fengming
Teo, Kee Leong
Little, Charles H. C.
Hendy, Michael
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Dong, F., Teo, K. L., Little, C. H. C., & Hendy, M. (2001). Some inequalities on chromatic polynomials. New Zealand Journal of Mathematics, 30, 111-118
Abstract: For a given graph G, let P (G , A) be the chromatic polynomial of G, where A is considered to be a real number. In this paper, we study the bounds for P (G , A )/P (G , A — 1) and P (G , A )/P (G - x, A), where x is a vertex in G, A > n and n is the number of vertices of G.
ISSN: 1179-4984 (online)
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