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Improving the mCSCL approach of a mobile Chinese character forming game via a design-based research cycle
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Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Hong Kong, China, 4 – 8 July 2011
We describe one cycle of design-based research (DBR) in which we explore
mCSCL through an iterative process of (re)designing and testing the learning approach with students. The mCSCL application assigns each student a component of a Chinese character and requires them to spontaneously form groups that can assemble a Chinese character. We observe the enactment of the learning design in two modes (with and without the ICT), and found the students favor the card mode over the phone mode due to their emergent trial-anderror strategy. That triggered us to examine the scaffolding strategies by exploring domainoriented theories to inform us in deciding how we should accommodate their use of the strategy. This cycle of DBR has reshaped our learning design. This paper brings to the fore the value of the interplay of theories, implementations and reflections as advocated by DBR.
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