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Environmental scanning in an age of globalisation: Understanding the nature of the education environment
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Choy, W. (2012). Environmental scanning in an age of globalisation: Understanding the nature of the education environment. Journal of the NUS Teaching Academy, 2(1), 5-23.
This paper reviews the necessity of environmental scanning of the education environment in Singapore as a consequence of the dynamic globalisation phenomenon. First, this paper discusses the nature of globalisation and points out how environmental scanning which involves a surveillance of an organisation’s external environment, can serve to forecast possible changes to come and detect changes already under way. Successful environmental scanning will alert school leaders and educators in schools and tertiary institutions to critical trends and events that may have positive or negative consequences on their respective organisations. Second, this paper discusses the changes within an organisation that promotes a learning culture amongst its staff members in response to the environmental scanning efforts towards the globalisation phenomenon. Third, this paper reveals the efforts of the Ministry of Education (MOE) to equip and empower students with the core or life skills to meet the demands and challenges of globalisation. An example of life skill – critical thinking, which refers to the disposition and ability to seek contextually appropriate reasons, evidence, clarity, accuracy and fair-mindedness – is discussed.
2010-3441 (print)
2010-3379 (online)
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