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Conceptualizing climate change education: An overview
Climate change
Mitigation and adaptation
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Chang, C. H., & Pascua, L. (2012). Conceptualizing climate change education: An overview. In C.H. Chang, B.S. Wu, K. Irvine, & K. Chatterjea (Ed.), Proceedings Southeast Asian Geography Association Conference 2012 (p. 176-178). Singapore: Southeast Asian Geography Association
This presentation provides a brief overview on some key concepts in determining the
outcomes of climate change education including the knowledge domains on the science,
impacts and management of climate change, as well as taking into consideration the
cognitive domains of outcomes such as factual recall, deep understanding, skill in
analyzing climate change information, for example. The presentation will also discuss the
concepts of awareness, knowledge, attitude and action in developing curriculum for
learning about climate change. The ultimate aim of education is not just to “inform people,
but to change them” (UNESCO, 1997). It is based on this philosophy that CCE should
transform learners from knowing and doing something about climate change to being a
global citizen ready to engage the issues of climate change.
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