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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1975Syntax and the reading comprehension skills required in the usage of scientific EnglishLee, Kok Cheong
1984Code-switching of primary school childrenSoh, Kay Cheng
1986English in Singapore : a study of its status and solidarity and the attitudes to its useLim, Catherine
1986Problems in translation and their implications for language instructional materials productionTan, Cheng Lim
1991The composing processes of university student writersChandrasegaran, Antonia
1994Cloning and expression of Epstein-Barr viral antigens in Escherichia coli : purification of recombinant EBV antigens for diagnostic applicationFones-Tan, Angela
1995Pedagogical grammars for the Chinese language : a comparative study of four approachesWong, Pui Kwong
1995Anode geometry and focus characteristicsSerban, Adrian
1996Culture, cognition and academic achievement of Malay students in SingaporeHashim Ali
1996Soft x-rays from compact plasma focusLiu, Mahe
1996Investigation of laser-matter interaction dynamicsSuresh Kumar M. Singaram
1996Achievement of gifted adolescents in Singapore: the effects of perception, creative-thinking ability and an intervention programme "knowledge/volition/action"Teo, Chua Tee
1996Change articulated by pitch : a study of instrumental works by Franz Schubert and John Coolidge AdamsDairianathan, Eugene
1996An investigation of teachers' questions and learners' responses during classroom interaction in Tamil secondary classes in Singapore = Singapur uyarnilaippalli Tamil vaguppugalil idaivinaiyaadalinpothu idamperum aasiriyargal vinaakkalum maanavargal vidaigalum : orr aivuRamiah Kalimuthu (இராமையா காளிமுத்து)
1997Ren min xing dong dang yu zheng fu de hua wen zheng ce yan jiu 1954-1965 = A study of the PAP and its government's Chinese language policy 1954-1965Goh, Nguen Wah (吴元华)
1997Modelling the development of affective and cognitive processes in computer programming and their interrelationshipsMooi, Lee Choo
1997Zhongguo gu dian xi ju yu yan yun yong yan jiu = A study on the use of language in Chinese classical dramaOng, Yong Peng (王永炳)
1997Adaptation of Western counselling approaches to an Asian multicultural contextSoong, Cecilia Foong Har
1997Theory of nonabsolute integrationNg, Wee Leng
1998Xi you ji zhong yao ci fa yu ju fa yan jiu = Important aspects of morphology and syntax in journey to the westTham, Wai Mun (谭慧敏)