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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Achievement of gifted adolescents in Singapore: the effects of perception, creative-thinking ability and an intervention programme "knowledge/volition/action"Teo, Chua Tee
2015An acoustic investigation of segmentals and rhythm in Yunnan EnglishAo, Ran
2010An acoustic investigation of the segmental features of educated Brunei English speechSalbrina Haji Sharbawi
2011An acoustic investigation of the segmentals and suprasegmentals of Malaysian EnglishTan, Siew Kuang
2002Acute inflammatory response to exercise-induced muscle injuryAdelbert, Daniel
1997Adaptation of Western counselling approaches to an Asian multicultural contextSoong, Cecilia Foong Har
2017Adolescent-athlete sleep and sport performanceHaresh T. Suppiah
2013Affordance of the other : navigating the politics of teacher identity as technology kindLim, Rebekah Wei Ying
2020The affordances of cogenerative dialogue in mediating change within a madrasah : power dominance, student engagement and student-teacher relationshipMohamed Faizal Badron
2019Aims and reasons of achievement goals : conceptualizing, measuring and applying a new goal complexes frameworkTan, Ser Hong
2013Analisis wacana kritis bilik darjah : interaksi dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran Bahasa Melayu di sekolah menengah = (Classroom Critical discourse analysis: interactions in the teaching and learning of Malay language at secondary school)Suryani Atan
2006Analyses of purine bases by capillary electrophoresisGe, Liya
2018An analysis of feedback practices in a high-stakes exam-oriented contextP. Ananthi
2017Analysis of patterns of past tense errors in a corpus of Singapore students’ narrative writing : insights on language acquisitionQuek, Sharon Yee Ser
2004An analysis of Singapore's wind band music education system : the challenges facing Singapore wind band instructors - beyond performanceLee, Tian Tee
1995Anode geometry and focus characteristicsSerban, Adrian
2019Are we listening? : exploring perspectives, possibilities and pitfalls of student voice from the Singapore classroomFernandez, Lucy Oliver
2020Arithmetic properties of partitions and representations of integers by binary quadratic formsUha Isnaini
2006Assessment of and recovery from high intensity intermittent exercise in untrained adultsLim, Jamie Mervyn
2008Assessment of the capability to perform repeated high-intensity running in youth professional soccer playersMukherjee, Swarup