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Parent engagement in education
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National Institute of Education (Singapore)
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NIE Working Paper Series;7
Parent engagement in children’s upbringing and education is crucial
for a child’s holistic development. Awareness of the importance of
parent engagement in Singapore is high but research is limited. This
working paper aims to lay the foundation for a policy conversation
about the role of parent engagement in education. It provides a
synopsis of international and local literature on parent engagement:
its nature, rationales, global trends, benefits and dilemmas. It reviews
some influential conceptual models that have influenced both
academic work and policies worldwide. It also presents examples of
successful parent engagement practices internationally, which may
provide inspiration for Singapore’s own initiatives and policies, while
cautioning against the uncritical and wholesale transfer of foreign
practices. The paper concludes by suggesting future directions for
public policy and educational research. It highlights the directions of
a system-wide research that we are undertaking in order to support
an evidence-based, context-sensitive policy framework on parent
engagement in Singapore.
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