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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The use of Reciprocal Questioning (ReQuest) in the teaching of reading comprehensionKhin, Estella Thidar Win; Png, Jessie Lay Hoon
2018Drama pedagogy in Character and Citizenship EducationNurshahidah Mansoor; Lim, Tiew Ling
2018How does lower primary students learn Chinese characters efficiently?Zhao, Na
2018Language loss and nationhood: Examining language shift among the Chinese community in Singapore and its implications for SingaporeLim, Natalie Li Ling; Vaish, Viniti 
2018A study on the addition of“Wen Hua Wu” (“Culture Hub” 文化屋) in Singapore Primary Higher Chinese textbooks (欢乐伙伴 小学高级华文) as an instrument for improving primary students’ Chinese language learning experienceTan, Sze Hua; Zhang, Ai Dong
2018The teaching of paragraph writing for the primary school pupilsYeo, Darren Jun Jie
2018The values of pinnacle leaders in Singapore education: A qualitative study of cluster superintendents using Schwartz's theory of human valuesNeo, Qing Hao; Hairon Salleh 
2018Fitness testing in schools internationally and locally: A systematic reviewWoo, Shu Xian Victoria; Yang, Yifan
2018Optimizing the school library for reading: An exploratory case study of students in one Singapore primary school libraryChoo, Mei Fang; Loh, Chin Ee 
2018Mediated learning experience in Malay language oral: To enhance the teaching of video stimulus responseSiti Shahirah Samad; Chua, Bee Leng
2018Mismatch between classroom furniture and the primary school pupils’ body dimensions: A systematic reviewWei, Joel Maojie; Barbosa, Tiago M.
2019Working memory resources depletion can explain why delayed testing is superior to immediate testingYeo, Shu Yuan; Castro-Alonso, Juan C.; Chen, Ouhao; Paas, Fred
2019Comparing science learning outcomes from Singapore and New South Wales, Australia, using Revised Bloom’s TaxonomyAng, Geok Xing; Lee, Yew-Jin 
2019Diachronic study of distribution of Chinese characters in 4 sets of Singapore’s primary higher Chinese textbooksNg, Su Chi; Luo, Qingming
2019Voice use in the classroomSeow, Gladys Yi Ling; Chia, Wei Khuan
2019Teacher Trainee (TT) views of ICT use for learning: A questionnaire studyAishah Nasyeera Rizdwan; Silver, Rita 
2019Identifying types of science practices that are challenging for low progress students in SingaporeTay, Annabel Jie Xuan; Teo, Tang Wee ; Yeo, Leck Wee
2019An analysis of the cognitive rigor of questions used in secondary three English textbooksSoong, Natalie Shuyi; Renandya, Willy A.
2019A study of the coverage of plastics in a national newspaper in SingaporeOng, Qi Ting; Subramaniam, R. (Ramanathan)
2020A meta-analysis study of the implementation of flipped classroom and teachers’ and students’ attitudeFarah Syafiqah Johari; Choy, Doris