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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Common errors in written Malay essays of lower primary students from English speaking homesAtikah Asjayani
2017Community support for language learning: Teacher perspectivesPoi, Sharon Mei Ping
2017Community support for language learning: Text types in useNur Afiqa Suaidi
2018Drama pedagogy in Character and Citizenship EducationNurshahidah Binte Mansoor
2017The effects of backpack carriage on the biomechanics of walking in school children: A systematic review based on kinematics and kineticsHabibah Najihahbi Ahmad
2017An epidemic response: Framing the Zika virus risk crisis in SingaporeYee, Naomi Yee May
2017Evaluation of the suitability of targeted vocabulary (primary level three to six) for second language learners by investigating the frequency of vocabulary with the use of a corpusAng, Pei Yi
2017Examining the teaching of reading: Teachers’ implementation of the STELLAR programmeNg, Xing Hwee
2017An exploration of discourse and visual interaction in six children’s picture books by Anthony BrowneCheong, Carolyn Yee Li
2017Exploring the impacts of the types of pre-schools and the types of home linguistic environment within families in relation to early bilingual skills in receptive vocabulary and expressive language skills of both English and Mandarin of young children in Singaporean pre-schoolsYeo, Sharon Jiaxin
2018Fitness testing in schools internationally and locally: A systematic reviewWoo, Shu Xian Victoria
2017Generalising the functional rule for a figural quadratic patternTan, Sean Zhi Lie
2018How does lower primary students learn Chinese characters efficiently?Zhao, Na
2017Impact of nonlinear pedagogy to teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)Fahmi Sahar
2017The implementation of writing lessons in the STELLAR programme: Exploring the impact of teachers’ concernsNurafiqah Ismadi
2017Information technology and information literacy: Use of information literacy in Singapore schools and suggestions for effective implementationTan, Joline Huiqi
2017Kampung: Its meaning and significance from children’s literatureNur Hafizah Abd Rahim
2018Language loss and nationhood: Examining language shift among the Chinese community in Singapore and its implications for SingaporeLim, Li Ling Natalie
2018Mediated learning experience in Malay language oral - to enhance the teaching of video stimulus responseSiti Shahirah Binte Samad
2018Mismatch between classroom furniture and the primary school pupils’ body dimensions: A systematic reviewWei, Joel Maojie