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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Report on the reading habits of bilingual children in Singapore 2021Sun, BaoqiLoh, Chin EeO'Brien, Beth A.
2019School library perspectives survey report 2018Loh, Chin EeShamala Sundaray
2020Design patterns for school libraries: A preliminary report of the Building a Reading Culture Study 2019Loh, Chin Ee
2018Envisioning the school library of the future: A 21st century frameworkLoh, Chin Ee
2020Children story classics: Comparison of versions in the East and WestZhang, Ai Dong
2020Socio-cognitive approach to teaching writing: Impact on pupils' compositionsCheung, Yin LingNg, Chiew HongLim, Donna Ching-Tse
2020Designing a physics curriculum for developing students' science competenciesYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooTang, Kok Sing
2020"Children are natural scientists": Learning science in early childhood and early primary yearsTeo, Tang WeeYan, Yaw KaiOng, Woei LingGoh, Mei Ting
2020Understanding the development of students' abstract concepts in electromagnetic induction using visualization-based instructionYeo, Jennifer Ai ChooHye, Eun Z.Chew, Charles
2020Mathematical problem solving for everyone: Infusion and diffusion (MInD)Toh, Tin LamTay, Eng GuanLeong, Yew HoongQuek, Khiok SengToh, Pee ChoonJaguthsing DindyalHo, Foo Him
2020Multi-Level ICT integration for diffusing complex technology-mediated pedagogical innovationsToh, YancyChai, Ching SingHuang, DavidWong, Lung HsiangCheah, Yin Hong
2020Perceptions, policies and practices: AfL in the Singapore contextLeong, Wei ShinTan, KelvinTay, Hui YongDeneen, Christopher CharlesFulmer, Gavin WilliamLam, KarenLin, RongchanAnastasiya, Lipnevich
2020LI-nterChange: Towards a contextual- and social-mediated seamless language learning practice with multiple learning pathwaysWong, Lung HsiangAw, Guat Poh
2020Singapore secondary school teachers' experiences with implementing Social Studies issues investigation: An exploratory studyYang, Peidong
2020Pre-service teachers' perception of student centred learningWong, Ethan Chuan YuhTan, Chee Soon
2020Multimodal literacy in English language and literature teaching: The design, implementation and evaluation of a one-to-one wireless laptop programme in a Singapore high schoolTowndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander)Viniti VaishWan Fareed Mohammed Yusof
2020Fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding in the English language writingTupas, T. Ruanni F.Weninger, CsillaMizusawa, Ken
2020Mathematical Problem Solving for Everyone (MProSE)Toh, Tin LamQuek, Khiok SengTay, Eng GuanLeong, Yew HoongJaguthsing Dindyal
2020A preliminary study of assessment progression: Evaluation of assessment for learning lessons and summative assessment tasks in the General Music Programme (GMP)Leong, Wei ShinPamela, OnishiCaleon, Imelda S.Suriati SuradiChan, Yen See
2020The role of mental imagery elaborations in listening comprehension: Application of forensic arts and cognitive interviewsAryadoust, Vahid
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 171