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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018OER-CRPP innovations for pedagogical change: 5 lessons
2018Envisioning the school library of the future: A 21st century frameworkLoh, Chin Ee 
2018Teachers at the heart of system change: A consolidation of OER research
2018Local evidence synthesis on teacher learningTan, Liang See; Chong, Sau Kew
2018Report on the reading habits of Singapore teenagers 2017Loh, Chin Ee ; Sun, Baoqi
2019Synthesis report of NIE projects: Inquiry-based pedagogies and inquiry-based learning in Singapore classroomsKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat; Baildon, Mark ; Costes-Onishi, Pamela Grace; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Sengalrayan, Bernadine Wilhelmina; Tan, Minying; Divya Bhardwaj
2019Fostering science teachers’ language awareness: Exploring the impact on teachers’ oral interactions with students to support science writingSeah, Lay Hoon; Adams, Jonathan; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Silver, Rita ; Chin, Tan Ying
2019Local evidence synthesis on school leadershipHo, Jeanne Marie Pau Yuen; Hairon Salleh ; Chua, Puay Huat
2019School library perspectives survey report 2018Loh, Chin Ee ; Shamala Sundaray
2020Positive teacher language: Improving teacher-student relationships and engaging low progress studentsGoh, Ailsa Ee Ping; Tan, Carol Soo Ching; Tan, Cher Chong
2020Local evidence synthesis on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) in educationSeow, Peter Sen Kee; Wong, Lung Hsiang; Wu, Longkai
2020Core Research Programme: Baseline investigation of Social Studies and Character and Citizenship Education pedagogies in Singapore classroomsKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat; Fatema Anis Hussain
2020Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills (ATC21S) Singapore trials: Collective creativity and collaborative problem-solving competencies among secondary school studentsTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Caleon, Imelda S.; Koh, Elizabeth; Auyong, Sabina
2020Perspectives of stakeholders on youth with intellectual disabilities transitioning to adulthoodGoh, Ailsa Ee Ping; Wong, Meng Ee ; Tan, Carol Soo Ching
2020Portraits of teacher noticing during orchestration of learning experiences in the mathematics classroomsChoy, Ban Heng ; Dindyal, Jaguthsing 
2020Community of reflective practice: Middle leaders developmentHairon Salleh 
2020Media literacy in the teaching of English in SingaporeWeninger, Csilla ; Choo, Suzanne S. ; Hu, Guangwei; Williams, Patrick; Kan, Katy Hoi-Yi
2020Turning achievement around: Predictors of academic resilience of academically at-risk students in SingaporeCaleon, Imelda S.; Nie, Youyan ; Tan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Tan, Chee Soon; King, Ronnel B.; Kalthom Ahmad; Lim, May Li; Nur Qamarina Ilham
2020Making, innovation, and science education: Considering two layers of analysisTan, Michael Lip Thye
2020Local evidence synthesis on teaching & learning of 21st century competenciesKoh, Elizabeth; Caleon, Imelda S.; de Roock, Roberto