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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advertisements promoting physical activity in tertiary educational institutions: An investigation on model effect using eye trackerLeng, Ho Keat 
2020Animated electronic storybook and children's Mother Tongue development: Tracing the process and the outcome with eye-trackingSun, He
2020Assessing Singapore students’ creative and critical thinking: A preliminary studyNing, Flora; Fong, Raymond Chang Chong; Hong, Helen; Teh, Laik Woon
2020Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills (ATC21S) Singapore trials: Collective creativity and collaborative problem-solving competencies among secondary school studentsTan, Jennifer Pei-Ling; Caleon, Imelda S.; Koh, Elizabeth; Auyong, Sabina
2020Assessments for learning in inclusive classroomsTay, Hui Yong; Kee, Norman Kiak Nam
2020Beginning physical education teachers’ experience of continuing professional development and school-based mentoringTan, Steven Kwang San ; Wong, Isabella Yuen Fun ; Tan, Seck Heong; Low, Helen Kwee Fong
2020Building on teachers’ knowledge about students’ language-related challenges in scienceSeah, Lay Hoon
2020Capturing change through the lens of cogenerative dialogue: Engagement, interaction and measurementsMohamed Faizal Badron
2020"Children are natural scientists": Learning science in early childhood and early primary yearsTeo, Tang Wee ; Yan, Yaw Kai ; Ong, Woei Ling; Goh, Mei Ting
2020Children story classics: Comparison of versions in the East and WestZhang, Ai Dong
2020Citizenship attributes for the 21st Century: A study of Singapore teachers’ perceptions in comparative perspectivesSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Chua, Shuyi
2020Community of reflective practice: Middle leaders developmentHairon Salleh 
2020Comprehending reading comprehension: An intervention in P4 readingSilver, Rita ; Png, Jessie Lay Hoon; Kogut, Galyna; Huynh, Thi Canh Dien; Raslinda Ahmad Rasidir
2020CORE Research Programme: Baseline investigation of science pedagogyKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat; Lee, Yew-Jin ; Wong, Hwei Ming; Fatema Anis Hussain; Miller, Rifhan Noor
2020Core Research Programme: Baseline investigation of Social Studies and Character and Citizenship Education pedagogies in Singapore classroomsKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat; Fatema Anis Hussain
2020Cosmopolitan pedagogies for the 21st century literature classroomChoo, Suzanne S. 
2020Cultivating laterality in learning communities in Singapore education system: Scaling of innovation through networked learning communityHuang, Jun Song; Hung, David; Kwan, Yew Meng; Lim, Fei Victor ; Imran Haji Shaari; Cheah, Yin Hong
2020Curricular-instructional gatekeeping in Singapore: How teachers enact social studies and give purpose to citizenship educationSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee 
2020Curriculum innovation and the nurturing of twenty-first century learnersTan, Liang See; Lee, Shu-Shing; Koh, Elizabeth; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy; Tan, Keith Chiu Kian; Koh, Kar Boon; Quek, Chwee Geok; Liew, Poh Yin; Tan, Ban Huat
2020Curriculum perspectives and leadership in innovations for the nurturing of 21st century learnersTan, Liang See; Letchmi Devi Ponnusamy; Koh, Elizabeth; Lee, Shu-Shing; Quek, Chwee Geok; Khong, Beng Choo; Koh, Kar Boon; Tan, Keith Chiu Kian