Speaking out: process drama and its contribution to oracy

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Stinson, Madonna
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The Drama and Oral Language research project (2004) with Normal Technical Secondary 4 classes at four schools in Singapore produced data indicating that a program of process drama interventions produced enhanced results in participating students’ oral communication scores. Furthermore students and teachers identified improvements in the motivation and self-confidence of participants, as well as indications of enhanced inter-group relationships and communication across ethnicities. In January 2005 an extensive and ongoing research project commenced with 17 classes of Secondary 1 and Secondary 2 students at a neighbourhood high school. This design experiment aims to investigate the transferability of the previous research as well as the requirements of teacher professional development for such innovative pedagogy. This paper reports on the findings of the 2004 Drama and Oral Language (DOL) research, the ongoing research to date, and considers the implications for the application of process drama pedagogy in the local context.
Proceedings of the Redesigning pedagogy: research, policy, practice conference, Singapore, May - June 2005.