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Lee, S. (1993, September). Computer circuit analysis for pulsed laser systems. Paper presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Physics and Modern Applications of Lasers, Harare, Zimbabwe.
The use of computer analysis provides a powerful tool in the understanding of pulsed laser systems and for the acquisition of laser research capability and technology. From the pedagogical point of view·to effectively launch into circuit analysis two simplifications could be made without reducing the power of analysis. Firstly the system of equations are kept simple at the level of Kirchhoff's rules applied to time-dependent coupled circuits. Secondly, the numerical integration uses the simplest linear approximation. The paper uses an apparently complex sequenced nitrogen laser system to illustrate this simple approach to laser circuits. The system of equations is set up and normalised and the numerical scheme discussed. Two examples are then computed. The computation predicts two modes of sequencing - "prolonged sequencing" and "prompt sequencing". The prediction of "prolonged sequencing" with distinctive non-regular circuit behaviour has been verified experimentally. This proves that the simplifications whilst pedagogically sound and helpful do not detract from the power of circuit analysis applied, in this instance, to pulsed laser systems.
This paper was presented at the 2nd International Workshop on Physics and Modern Applications of Lasers, held in Harare, Zimbabwe from 6 - 14 Sep 1993
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