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Saunders, J. E. (1993, June). Management information systems for sports professionals: A tool for greater efficiency and professionalism. Paper presented at the 9th Scientific Congress of the International Association for Sports Information, Roma, Italy.
Physical and sport educators as educators are by definition primarily involved in the management of information. Yet despite the recent growth of impressive national and international databases the systematic design and use of appropriate management information systems to support decision- making within the primary academic functions does not seem to have occurred very widely. In contrast, in the business world, more and more organisations have acknowledged the fundamental importance of putting in place an integrated management information system carefully designed to support the formal structure of the organisation and its decision-making procedures (Davis and Olson, 1985).

This paper presents a model of individual and corporate decision-making in a university School of Physical Education and conceptualises the sort of integrated management information system needed to support management decision-making at the strategic, tactical and operations levels. The importance of designing and implementing effective comprehensive integrated systems for academics in physical education and sport is highlighted. Benefits will be seen- both in terms of more efficient use of resources ( including academics' time} and better quality decision making.
This paper was presented at the 9th Scientific Congress of the International Association for Sports Information, held in Roma, Italy from 7 - 10 Jun 1993
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