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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2004The effects of mother tongue and first language literacy on spelling: A study of Singaporean second language readersRandall, Mick; Noor Dayana Isnin
Dec-2004Digital repositories to support teachers extend their teaching of mathematics problem solving heuristicsHo, Kai Fai; Muthukumar S. Lakshmanan; Hedberg, John G.
2005Stance-taking and stance-support in students' online forum discussionChandrasegaran, Antonia; Kong, Clara Kah Mun
2005Students' metacognitive problem solving strategies in solving open-ended problems in pairsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Ho, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.
2005Speaking out: process drama and its contribution to oracyStinson, Madonna
2005Social studies in Singapore: contradiction and controlSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Adler, Susan A.
2005Using open-ended mathematics problems: a classroom experience (primary)Chan, Eric Chun Ming
2005A metacognitive approach to support heuristic solution of mathematical problemsTiong, John Yeun Siew; Hedberg, John G.; Lioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya
2005Professional development of mathematics teachers: A school-based approachDindyal, Jaguthsing ; Tan, Jong Lek
2005Rethinking and reassessing the construct of authentic intellectual quality in the Singapore contextGuo, Libo ; Gong, Wengao; Tan, Winnie; Koh, Kim Hong
2005Embodying the nameless and formless Dao: pedagogical lessons on affective education from the Wang Bi Dao de JingChua, Jude Soo Meng 
2005Learning with G-Portal: a geographic digital libraryHedberg, John G.; Chang, Chew Hung ; Lim, Ee Peng; Chatterjea, Kalyani; Goh, Dion Hoe Lian; Theng, Yin Leng; Teh, Tiong Sa
2005Dataloggers and inquiry scienceTan, Kim Chwee Daniel ; Hedberg, John G.; Koh, Thiam Seng; Seah, Whye Choo
2005Redesigning pedagogy for mathematics with the help of technologyYeo, Joseph B. W. 
2005A qualitative study of perceptions of student teachers towards teachingMoo, Swee Ngoh; Wong, Angela F. L.; Wong, Isabella Yuen Fun 
2005Developing in young children the spirit of enquiry through the use of thinking storiesChang, Agnes Shook Cheong
2005Approaches to learning and reading strategy use of bilingual primary school pupilsRao, Zhenhui; Gu, Peter Yongqi; Zhang, Lawrence Jun; Hu, Guangwei
2005The aptness of fit between task design and students’ written work: illustrations of harmony and dissonance in science and history classroomsGuo, Libo ; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) 
2005Teachers' pedagogies and their development of mathematical problem solvingHo, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.; Lioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya
2005Children making sense during word problem solvingYeap, Ban Har; Ho, Siew Yin; Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Lee, Ngan Hoe