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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Enhancing pedagogy and pupils' historical understanding in history in Singapore schoolsTan, Doreen
2020Enhancing preservice teachers’ professional growth through reflections using videosChoy, Doris ; Wong, Angela F. L.; Tan, Seng Chee 
May-2012Enhancing Singaporean students� efficacy, engagement, and self�regulation for more effective bilingual/biliteracy learningZhang, Lawrence Jun; Zhang, Donglan; Zeng, Yanjun; Gong, Wengao; Tay, May Yin
Mar-2010Enhancing the pedagogy of mathematics teachers to emphasize understanding, reasoning and communication in their classrooms (EPMT)Kaur, Berinderjeet ; Yeap, Ban Har; Low, Hooi Kiam
2018Envisioning the school library of the future: A 21st century frameworkLoh, Chin Ee 
2005Errors in tense and aspect in compositions of secondary school students in SingaporeYap, Dennis Swee Beng; Lubna Alsagoff
Jun-2005Evaluating G-Portal for geography learning and teachingChang, Chew Hung ; Hedberg, John G.; Theng, Yin Leng; Lim, Ee Peng; Teh, Tiong Sa; Goh, Dion Hoe Lian
2013An evaluation of design and enactment of smartphone-enabled primary science curriculumWu, Longkai; Looi, Chee-Kit ; Seow, Peter Sen Kee ; Kim, Mi Song
Jan-2010Evaluation of implementation of IT masterplan 3 and its impact on Singapore schools - instrumentation and baseline studyTan, Seng Chee ; Chai, Ching Sing; Lee, Chwee Beng; Teo, Timothy; Chen, Wenli ; Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling; Lee, Sai Choo; Foo, Hui Hui
Mar-2006Evaluation of the CARE PowerCharged program: Its impact on secondary 1 normal technical students of projectAng, Rebecca P. ; Neubronner, Marion; Oh, Su-Ann
Jul-2009An examination of the use of standard spoken Tamil in Singapore: in the school and media domains and in Tamil classrooms in order to establish SST as an additional resource for the teaching and learning of TamilSeetha Lakshmi ; Saravanan, Vanithamani
2020Examining Normal Academic/Technical students' science learning from a sociological and cultural lensTeo, Tang Wee ; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Goh, Jonathan ; Yeo, Leck Wee
Jul-2008Executive functioning and children’s mathematical competence: from kindergarten to early adolescenceLee, Kerry; Ng, Swee Fong ; Ho, Ringo; Bull, Rebecca
Jul-2008Executive involvement in visual short-term memory and working memory in childrenAng, Su Yin; Lee, Kerry
2009Expanding the teaching repertoire: rethinking group work and language learningSilver, Rita ; Kogut, Galyna; Raslinda Ahmad Rasidir; Huynh, Thi Canh Dien
Apr-2006The experiences of Secondary one at-risk students' with technology in a CPA classroomUma Natarajan; Osborne, Margery D.
2020An experimental evaluation on the effectiveness of a web based training program in functional behavioral assessment and interventions with special education schools in SingaporeDutt, Anuradha Salil Kumar ; Poon, Kenneth K. ; Rahul Nair
Mar-2008Explaining exam anxiety in Singaporean students: the influence of family, pedagogical and individual characteristicsGoh, Hui Chin; Hogan, David; Kang, Trivina 
Nov-2005Explorations of artistic practices in Singapore schoolsWright, Susan (Susan Kay); Shu, Jollene
2020An exploratory study of beginning teacher mentoring practices in SingaporeLow, Ee Ling ; Ng, Pak Tee ; Goodwin, A. Lin; Liu, Woon Chia ; Goh, Sao-Ee; Yeung, Alexander Seeshing; Chua-Lim, Yen Ching; Sarifah Noor Aini Bte Syed Mahmood; Pandian, S. P. Jeyarajadas; Cai, Li; Hui, Chenri; Cheong, Beng Cheong