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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Fostering collaborative dialogic arguments with gamesJan, Mingfong
Jun-2007Fostering critical thinking and effecting the transfer of thinking in English language, maths and science in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Seet, Jun Feng; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann ; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Ho, Boon Tiong
May-2005Fostering critical thinking in a primary schoolChang, Agnes Shook Cheong; Lee, Ngan Hoe ; Netto-Shek, Jo-Ann ; Ho, Boon Tiong; Ang, Wai Hoong; Leong, Cedric Kai Wah; Seet, Jun Feng
2020Fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding in the English language writingTupas, T. Ruanni F.; Weninger, Csilla ; Mizusawa, Ken 
2019Fostering science teachers’ language awareness: Exploring the impact on teachers’ oral interactions with students to support science writingSeah, Lay Hoon; Adams, Jonathon; Tan, Aik-Ling ; Silver, Rita ; Chin, Tan Ying
Mar-2011From beliefs to practice: Students with visual impairments, teachers and their perspectives on assistive technologyWong, Meng Ee ; Cohen, Libby G.; Tan, Denise Ching Ting
2020Future lives: Children’s geographies in transnational migrationKatigbak-Montoya, Evangeline O.
Mar-2005G-portal: Design and development of digital assets (Project 1A)Chang, Chew Hung ; Hedberg, John G.
2020Game development for educationGaydos, Matthew Joseph ; Seah, Lay Hoon; Neo, Wei Leng
2020Genre-based investigation into macro-structure of academic discussionsTeo, Shi Ling 
May-2006Giving students a voice in science practical assessmentsTan, Aik-Ling ; Towndrow, Phillip A. (Phillip Alexander) 
Apr-2006Globalization and multilingualism in Singapore: Implications for a hybrid identityVaish, Viniti 
Nov-2009Glocalising Quest AtlantisZuiker, Steven J.
Apr-2006Graphic-narrative play: Authoring through multiple textsWright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2020Hands-on and minds-on learning of science using a microbial fuel cellLee, Yew-Jin ; Sam, Choon Kook; Tan, Timothy Ter Ming 
2020Harnessing popular media for science learning and critical literacyTang, Kok Sing; Lee, Yew-Jin ; Rappa, Natasha Anne; Lee, Jie Yee
Sep-2006Heads up above the water: establishing drama in the Singapore CurriculumStinson, Madonna
2013Home literacy environment and English reading related skills among Malay children in SingaporeLi, Li; Zhang, Dongbo; Chin, Chern Far; Mohammod Khalid Bari
2020Home-school partnership: An exploratory study of the job and school attitudes of parents with children with disabilitiesStrogilos, Vasilis; Stefanidis, Abraham
Jul-2008Identification and development of investigative student laboratatory experiments for enhancement of learning ‘A’ level physicsFoong, See Kit; Lim, Chim Chai