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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2005Planning for Malay language in education: Lessons of history and present ecologyMohamed Aidil Subhan Mohamed Sulor 
2020Playing and learning with dinosaurs in and out of school boundaries: Games, discourse, shared spaces for Earth science educationKim, Beaumie; Kim, Mi Song; Lee, Tuck Leong; Lee, Jason Wen Yau; Ho, Wing
2020Portraits of teacher noticing during orchestration of learning experiences in the mathematics classroomsChoy, Ban Heng ; Dindyal, Jaguthsing 
2005Positive social climate for enhancing students' math self-concept: some research findingsLui, Elena Hah Wah; Lim, Kam Ming ; Liu, Woon Chia ; Toh, Tin Lam 
2020Positive teacher language: Improving teacher-student relationships and engaging low progress studentsGoh, Ailsa Ee Ping ; Tan, Carol Soo Ching ; Tan, Cher Chong
2013Power play and playing politics: The micropolitics of change implementation in schoolsChua, Shuyi; Farah Aljunied; Liew, Pang Hai
2007PRC researches and practices in teaching of Chinese as a second language: learning points for Singapore = Zhongguo "dui wai han yu jiao xue" de jing yan yu yan jiu dui Xinjiapo hua yu jiao xue de jie jian yi yiChan, Chiu Ming
2005Pre-service primary teachers' constructed knowledge of physical science concepts in Singapore, Taiwan and the U.S.Riley, Joseph Philip; Boo, Hong Kwen; Ho, Boon Tiong; Toh, Kok Aun; Yap, Kueh Chin; Butler, Malcolm; Tung, Hsing Hsiung; Chao, Ti Hsiung
2020Pre-service teachers in a ubiquitous computing environment: One-to-one technology enhanced learning (TEL)Chen, Wenli 
2020Pre-service teachers' perception of student centred learningWong, Ethan Chuan Yuh; Tan, Chee Soon 
2020Pre-service teachers’ ICT knowledge, attitude and use of ICT for learning and teachingNg, Chiew Hong ; Koh, Noi Keng
2005Pre-service teachers™ beliefs, attitudes and expectations: a review of the literatureChong, Sylvia; Wong, Isabella Yuen Fun ; Quek, Choon Lang 
2011Pre-university students’ use of evaluative meanings in essays: Evidence for transforming the teaching of academic literacyChandrasegaran, Antonia
May-2005A preliminary report on the teaching of Malay as a second language in Singapore schools: An analysis of initial data from the Singapore Pedagogy Coding SchemeMardiana Abu Bakar ; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim
2020A preliminary study of assessment progression: Evaluation of assessment for learning lessons and summative assessment tasks in the General Music Programme (GMP)Leong, Wei Shin; Pamela, Onishi; Caleon, Imelda S. ; Suriati Suradi; Chan, Yen See
2020Preparing in-service teachers for pedagogical innovation: A study on the learning structures of community music for the nurturance of arts-based habits of mindsCostes-Onishi, Pamela Grace ; Caleon, Imelda S. 
2005Professional development of mathematics teachers: A school-based approachDindyal, Jaguthsing ; Tan, Jong Lek
May-2007A professional development pathway for teachers to teach mathematics for, about and through problem solvingHo, Kai Fai
Jun-2009Projects on Learning Engagements in Affective Science Education (PLEASE)Tan, Kok Siang 
2011Promoting talk: A study of frequency, contextual conditions and variation in transitions between whole-class teaching and group work in primary and secondary classroomsGoh, Christine Chuen Meng