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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2006Skinning the textual cat: Reading from multiple lenses in the secondary English classroomAlbright, James
2005Social studies in Singapore: contradiction and controlSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Adler, Susan A.
Sep-2006A socio-cognitive approach to teaching expository writing: Research results from two Singapore schoolsChandrasegaran, Antonia
2020Socio-cognitive approach to teaching writing: Impact on pupils' compositionsCheung, Yin Ling ; Ng, Chiew Hong ; Lim, Donna Ching-Tse 
2009The sociolinguistic survey of Singapore 2006Norhaida Aman ; Vaish, Viniti ; Bokhorst-Heng, W. D. (Wendy Diana); Aisha Jamaludeen; Durgadevi, P.; Feng, Ying Yi; Khoo, Boon Suan; Mardiana Roslan; Appleyard, Pauline; Tan, Teck Kiang
2013Solving mathematics problems with real-life contexts: A case about mobile plansWong, Khoon Yoong; Cheong, Szu Chuang
2007Some aspects of the pedagogical flow in three mathematics classrooms in SingaporeKaur, Berinderjeet ; Low, Carol Hooi Kiam; Benedict, Teresa Malar
Oct-2005Some interesting / effective physics experiments for pre-university studentsFoong, See Kit; Ho, Seng Yong; Lim, Chim Chai; Lin, Kai; Kuppan, Loganantham
Oct-2006Speaking in class: drama, talk and literacyStinson, Madonna
Dec-2007Speaking out: An exploration of process drama and its contribution to oracyStinson, Madonna
Jul-2007Speaking out: An investigation into the impact of process drama on oral language developmentStinson, Madonna
Nov-2006Speaking out: An investigation into the use of drama in the English language classroomStinson, Madonna
2005Speaking out: process drama and its contribution to oracyStinson, Madonna
May-2007Specific focus projects: Progress reportMcInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.); Liem, Gregory Arief D. 
Mar-2008Spoken Mandarin competence of Chinese children from different language-speaking homes: Implications for Mandarin educationGoh, Hock Huan ; Liu, Yongbing; Zhao, Chunsheng
Apr-2006Stance-development in the expository writing of non-native English speaker studentsChandrasegaran, Antonia
2005Stance-taking and stance-support in students' online forum discussionChandrasegaran, Antonia; Kong, Clara Kah Mun
Aug-2011The Starling Project: Representations of collaborative learning through the development of an education-focused client viewer for second lifeLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
May-2005Strategies for Effective & Engaged Development (SEED) at Campassvale Primary SchoolWee, Julie; Teo, Nora; Osborne, Margery D.; Aritan, Devi
Mar-2008Struggling against pedagogical instrumentality: Attempting to awaken the literary imagination in Singapore‚Äôs secondary English classroomsAlbright, James; Kramer-Dahl, Anneliese; Kwek, Dennis Beng Kiat