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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2009Student perspective on effective mathematics pedagogy: stimulated recall approach studyKaur, Berinderjeet ; Low, Hooi Kiam
2005Student teachers' reasons for choosing teaching as a careerLim-Teo, Suat Khoh; Low, Ee Ling ; Ch'ng, Alan; Goh, Kim Chuan
2005Students' in-class thinking and feelings during mathematics lecturesEe, Huei Wuan; Wong, Khoon Yoong
Nov-2009Students' knowledge construction in asynchronous online discussions: Analysis of group size, duration of online discussion and facilitation techniquesHew, Khe Foon; Cheung, Wing Sum
2005Students' metacognitive problem solving strategies in solving open-ended problems in pairsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Ho, Kai Fai; Hedberg, John G.
Nov-2006Students' understanding of fractions and their impact on solving word problemsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Liu, Yan
Mar-2008Students’ challenges to reason quantitatively when they solve mathematical word problemsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Liu, Yan; Fang, Yanping 
May-2007Students’ conceptions of fractions and their orientation in solving mathematical problemsLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Liu, Yan
Jun-2009A study of karaoke singing by mature adults in the Singaporean Chinese communityChua, Yi Fang
Dec-2007A study of one secondary school�s extensive reading programme in SingaporeWolf, Jeanne; Bokhorst-Heng, W. D. (Wendy Diana); Pereira, Mary Delfin
May-2010A study on Chinese language oral competence of primary school students: Exploring effectiveness of the newly implemented curriculumZhao, Shouhui
Dec-2008A study on the implementation of "Strategies for Effective Engagement and Development' (SEED): Pilot and development of large scale grant proposalDixon, Mary; Stinson, Madonna; Silver, Rita ; Green, Nicole; Nie, Youyan ; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay); Pak, Seunghee; Anand, Mercy Karuniah J.
Jul-2007A study on the use of children�s stories in Malay language teachingKamsiah Abdullah
2020Successful principalship of a high performing secondary school undergoing curriculum transitionChua, Paul Meng-Huat; Hung, David ; Toh, Yancy
Dec-2004Supporting field study with personalized project spaces in a geographical digital libraryLim, Ee Peng; Sun, Aixin; Liu, Zehua; Hedberg, John G.; Chang, Chew Hung ; Teh, Tiong Sa; Goh, Dion Hoe Lian; Theng, Yin Leng
Aug-2011Supporting students with special needs in secondary schools: a study of perspective, practices, and support structuresPoon, Kenneth K. ; Wong, Meng Ee ; Sarinajit Kaur; Khaw, Joanne; Ng, Zi Jia
2020Surfacing stressful events during science learningTan, Aik-Ling 
May-2005Synergy among educational bodies catering to life science development in Singapore: an overviewVenthan, A. M.; Osborne, Margery D.
2019Synthesis report of NIE projects: Inquiry-based pedagogies and inquiry-based learning in Singapore classroomsKwek, Dennis Beng Kiat ; Baildon, Mark ; Costes-Onishi, Pamela Grace ; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Sengalrayan, Bernadine Wilhelmina; Tan, Minying; Divya Bhardwaj
Mar-2007Talking up drama in Singapore: how drama improved oral English examination resultsStinson, Madonna