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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2006Chinese language instruction in Singapore primary school classrooms: A study of pedagogical practicesLiu, Yongbing; Zhao, Shouhui; Zhang, Dongbo
Jan-2008Chinese language pedagogic practice: a preliminary description of Singaporean Chinese language classroomsLiu, Yongbing; Kotov, Roman; Ridzuan Abdul Rahim; Goh, Hock Huan 
Dec-2007Chinese language pedagogical experiment: A comparative study of classroom practices in Singapore primary schoolsChinese Language Research Team; Liu, Yongbing; Zhao, Shouhui; Goh, Hock Huan ; Gan, Sze Win; Zhao, Chunsheng; Toh, Hwee Bin
2010CIEPSS handbook of research protocols : volume 1Stinson, Madonna; Silver, Rita ; Siti Azlinda Amasha; Pak, Seunghee; Wright, Susan (Susan Kay)
2020Citizenship attributes for the 21st Century: A study of Singapore teachers’ perceptions in comparative perspectivesSim, Jasmine Boon-Yee ; Chua, Shuyi
Dec-2006Classroom interaction in science: Developing a content-specific analytic frameworkChin, Christine
2006Codeswitching in early primary peer interactionsSilver, Rita 
2004Coding participation patterns and activities: Adaptations from the Singapore Coding schemeSilver, Rita 
Feb-2010Coding scheme for "The impact of negotiation for meaning on reading" (SOG) project : classroom observation and codingKogut, Galyna; Silver, Rita 
Mar-2008Coding the transformation of Chinese pedagogical practices in Singapore primary schools: A study of experimentLiu, Yongbing; Zhao, Shouhui
Sep-2004Collaborative handheld gaming in educationLim, Kenneth Yang Teck 
2020Community of reflective practice: Middle leaders developmentHairon Salleh 
May-2009Compiling a multimodal corpus of educational discourse in Singapore schoolsDoyle, Paul (Paul Grahame); Hong, Huaqing
2020Comprehending reading comprehension: An intervention in P4 readingSilver, Rita ; Png, Jessie Lay Hoon ; Kogut, Galyna; Huynh, Thi Canh Dien; Raslinda Ahmad Rasidir
May-2007Conducting discourse analysis using videographic softwareLioe, Luis Tirtasanjaya; Liu, Yan
Jul-2008Constructing knowledge via metaphor in Singaporean student writing: A corpus-based studyGuo, Libo ; Hong, Huaqing; Wang, Shanshan; Siti Azlinda Amasha
Aug-2004The contribution of working memory to structural and procedural errors in algebraic problem solvingNg, Swee Fong ; Lee, Kerry; Ng, Ee Lynn ; Lim, Zee Ying
2008Control and care: The complementary roles in classroom managementNie, Youyan ; Lau, Shun
Apr-2006Cooperative group work: Using of reciprocal teaching in group workAng, Doreen Boon Lee
Jan-2006CoP project technical reportHedberg, John G.; Yeo, Jennifer Ai Choo; Hung, David ; Tan, Seng Chee